Trailblazers in Habits 2013 (published by MCSOntario)

Sister Miriam Xavier Mug entered the Maryknoll Sisters on September 7, 1943. She was assigned to Hong Kong in 1946, where she taught and later served as Principal in the two Hong Kong schools (Maryknoll Convent School and Maryknoll Sisters School) until 1979. She also served in regional governance and as the Finance Officer-Regional Bookkeeper for 11 years. Sister Miriam Xavier now resides at the Maryknoll Sisters Center, where she makes daily visits to Sisters who are bed-bound. Her Prayer Ministry is for the needs of China.  Sister Miriam Xavier celebrated her 99th birthday in September with her former students coming from all over the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. 

A hand-written letter on March 3, 2015 from Sister Miriam Xavier Mug to MCS alumni


"Dear Maisie,
    Yes this is a Thank You and good wishes for the Year of the Lamb and a Happy Easter time too.
     I want to thank you for being kind to Kitty Cheng.  She has written she appreciates your visiting her.  I guess this feeling that joy is not too often in her favour as it is in yours.
     Are all you 1955 MCS in Toronto thinking of celebrating 60 years of "out of school" (........)
     You all did a good job on the directory.  There are a number of ex-Primary Section teachers in the area.  Ask Dominica and Dolores.  They may know them.
     I get mixed up on who are in Ontario and who in Vancourver areas.
     Take care and keep in touch.

                                                                                                         Sr. Miriam Xavier"

March 31, 2015,
Marianne Tavares (72)

With Sr. Rose Duchesne leaving us last year and now Sr. Miriam Xavier, it is the end of an era. The former was my high school principal and the latter my primary school principal.
I knew Sr. Miriam Xavier much better and kept in touch with her on and off over the years.  She was a gentle soul who died as she lived gently.

April 1, 2015
Nancy Tong (71)

Sr Miriam Xavier is no longer with us mortals. She is at a good place with the other Sisters in heaven.
I did an interview with her in 2009, and i put it up on the internet. Please feel free to include this link with the Ontario MCS alumni website.  (Click the image to view the video.)

April 2, 2015
Patricia Wu (71) 

Just want to share it with you. The photos are now very precious.
At that time, I was delivering the 100th b-day gifts from the Toronto Alumni.
See her scarf...

April 3, 2015

Dear Sr Teresa,

We are deeply sorry to hear of Sr M X's passing. It seems only like yesterday when Gertrude and I saw her, and she was cheerful and sharp.
One of our most dedicated teachers, Sr M X gained our full respect and love. As an educator, she always looked for the best in us and gave the best she had. Her memory was phenomenal. When Gertrude and I visited her a year ago, she easily recalled most of our class of 1955. Her life is an inspiration and we will always remember her. May she rest in peace!
I plan to attend the service on Tuesday April 7 to celebrate her life. A donation check in memory of Sr M X is in the mail from Margaret Sung Ng and me. Happy Easter with many blessings!
Carole Chinn Tjoa (55)


Here are 4 photos of Sr Miriam Xavier taken at our visit to Motherhouse in Aug 2014. She was v alert and had a fantastic memory of Maryknoll schooldays.
May she rest in peace.
Maureen Leung Chan (1964)

The following photos were taken by Michael, son of Carole Tjoa (55):