"Dear Maryknollers,

Sister Rose Duchesne went to God around 5:20 or 5:30 this morning, 2014, February 22. The nurse found her and notified Molly and CLT and Rogers Coordinators etc. I got there around 5:40 as they came to get me.

Cathy Rowe was there with the above mentioned and were praying with her.  We, then, went to get the Hong Kong/China sisters. We stayed with her until the Hospice Nurse arrived and then the medical examiner came as Rose had donated her body to science. 

June, could you notify MSS as I do not have an e-mail address for them.  The MSS primary principal is MSS graduate. 

Rose had a very happy dialogue yesterday with the hospice nurse. She was alert and talking. 

Love and prayers,

Sister Jeanne Houlihan"

Here is an interview of Sr Rose Duchesne by Nancy Tong.